Classic outwear is such a closet staple come this time of year.  Whether we're talking about a chic little blazer, biker style moto or belted coat, there are so many fun and well-styled ways to wear them.  Today I'm highlighting one of my favorites, the wool trenchcoat.  Now, not only is this a gorgeous piece, when you turn to it in the color navy, all bets are truly off.

For whatever reason, navy blue never seems to get its due love or admiration.  Perhaps, a lot of us really do enjoy this color and it doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles.  Or maybe it is just naturally a quiet classic.  Either way, I do adore it and that is why I've chosen to design several ways to wear it here today.  

Okay, so since this is a classic coat, it is quite fitting that we first put together some classic, dare I say preppier, pieces to first go with.  This sweater has been seen here before.  That in itself is suggestive of a tried and true piece that pays you back with each wear.  And, with every great classic sweater comes the perfect partner...a flattering pair of jeans.  Is it just me or has denim gotten really, really good (make that great) lately?  I suppose that is a whole other post but I digress, haha.  

So, jeans are such a wonderful partner in crime to nearly every look there is.  Whether it's an autumn take like this one or a springtime feel of a t-shirt and sneakers.  Jeans always work.  And work well. This look is no exception.   

The navy wool coat agrees and the proof is right there in the lovely way these few simple pieces take things down that classic cobblestone road.  Simple stripes, neutral colors and a pair of classic sunglasses make for quite an effortless look.

But, there are days when we may want to change the vibe up a bit and happily, this coat can handle that.  So for example, you may find that you're in the mood for something a little more sporty, say a comfy hoodie perhaps. This one is ultra-soft and I may want to warn you that once you slip into it, you may find yourself not wanting to ever take it off.   That's okay really, because like I said, this dream coat doesn't care.  It's up for almost anything.  

I love the look of a hoodie peeking out from beneath a great trench. And black denim always takes the lead role once again in bottoms here with this look.  Then when it comes time to accessorize, I think that a fun little beanie (love this one), a classic check scarf and a sporty crossbody round out the whole look.  Of course, these sneakers are one of my favorite pairs.  I love them so much with so many of the looks I enjoy creating.  And I just happen to think that they work wonders with this autumn outfit above.

And there you have it.  Two ways to wear this gorgeous gem of a coat.  If you all fall in love with it as much as I already have, please let me know and I'll be happy to suggest more ways to wear it.  
Thanks friends and have a wonderful Wednesday!