Hello, beauties!  How excited are you all for gifting (and getting!) some great new beauty gifts this coming holiday?  I can definitely tell you I am and Sephora is ready to make your holiday wishes come true.  When it comes to new beauty and scoring your faves with huge savings, Sephora gets it right.  In fact, their Beauty Insider Event is coming up later this month and it will be the time to scoop up all the beauty must-haves and craves you will want to get and give this holiday.  

In anticipation of all that, I have put together some ideas to help get that gorgeous gift list going.  Each of these is a new beauty item that you and they will love.  Each is from a tried and true brand whose product line I already love and I've added in one new brand that I'm excited to try out.  

So, let's begin with a familiar favorite...Charlotte Tilbury.  I never know where to begin when it comes to this iconic line.  The day it hit Nordstrom I was giddy with such pleasure, haha.  Her colors just speak to me and I also love how she step by step shows you how to create so many gorgeous looks.  Her palettes are designed to work together to achieve the desired effect you're looking for and individual colors can stand alone as well.  I think we all love her shadows if we've tried them before and this gorgeous new collection is no exception.  I mean...who wouldn't love absolutely beautiful in these shades?  And, the words 'pillow talk' have taken on a completely new meaning of their own.  If you've tried the lipstick and liner duo you know what I mean.  Now, I'm looking forward to trying out this new set.  

The eyes have it when it comes to quick makeup looks and maybe you're more of a shadow stick girl.  Laura Mercier has yet to disappoint me and I have a feeling these pretty pencils are going to keep the good  going.  If you're in a hurry or just like an unfussy yet still finished look, shadow sticks are what you'll want to reach for.  They are soft and blendable and very hard to overdo.  They also make it easy for you to get done in a hurry while still looking your beautiful best.

When it comes to some lines I love and am always devoted to Marc Jacobs, Kérastase and Dr. Lancer are three I will always shop for.  I fell in love with Marc Jacobs Beauty after one use of this lash primer.  If you've never tried it, your lashes are begging you to do so, haha.  No matter what kind of lashes you were given, this primer will have you looking like a natural doe-eyed beauty.  I want to give this gel liner a try next.  Kérastase has a new night serum I can't wait to discover.  If your skin reaps the benefits, why not your hair?  And, you all know of my love affair with Dr. Lancer and I think this set will be the perfect way to introduce a few friends to him too.

The much-hyped Rare Beauty line seems to be worth a look too and this liquid blush looks like it would be so very pretty.  Any of you, who are fans of this type of formula for flushing your cheeks, already know what a natural, ethereal glow from within look it can give.  But, a few key requirements must be met.  They are color, blendability, staying power and pigment.  Let's see how this one stacks up.  

Finally, Dae haircare products have become new favorites of mine.  This hair oil will be every girl's dream.  Pick up a bottle for your sister or bestie and watch how her hair will glow.  And, everyone needs a great hair brush.  Morrocan oil has always been a great source of hydration and this brush will be just what we need to take it from roots to tips.

Ahhh, so much to look forward to when it comes to new beauty right now.  I can't wait to see what else Sephora will have in store.  Be sure to check back at the end of this month when the Insider Event begins. I'll be sure to have more pretty presents for you to enjoy!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday...Happy weekend friends!