I'm truly a lover of seasons so, unlike so many, I actually enjoy cold weather and winter and am excitedly awaiting another opportunity for snow! Even if you are not a fan of winter whiteouts, chances are if you live somewhere that the temperature dips then you're going to want some cute ways to look adorable while staying warm.  Today's post is all about how to do that and these are a few of my top picks to help get you started.

I think we've all come to discover that cozy is the new...everything.  None of us want to let that go and happily we don't have to.  This jogger set is exactly what I'm reaching for on winter weekends or anytime I simply want chic comfort.  Speaking of that, these sneakers have been in my rotation for the past several months and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon, haha.  Pair them with a flattering puffer (yes, the do exist and this one is my fave), a fun pom pom beanie and these sunnies and you are ready for a laidback Saturday.

When venturing out and wanting to capture that chalet chic vibe, the Fairisle feel is my favorite choice.  This version is a modern take on the classic and the pink option makes it an easy choice for me, haha.  I also love this one in cream and black.  Jeans are always an important element of any casual look all year round and this pair is tried and true.  Easy to wear and perfectly put together looking equals the win-win.  Comfy slipper shoes for around the house and cozy snow boots for time outside are each the perfect complement to the whole look.  A roomy tote is always a must no matter where I'm going and Longchamp has some the best classic styles.  I'm especially fond of this beautiful grey one.  

Last but perhaps most important, I have come to find that journaling is not only a productive past time, it also helps clear the cobwebs and gets me thinking much more clearly and with purpose and focus which is something I am always happy to have.  This gorgeous pink one from Papier is a beautiful option for scribbling down those seemingly random thoughts that always somehow paint a very clear picture.  If you haven't gotten into this habit and want to clarify things in your life,  it is definitely something I highly recommend.

I hope these winter things make facing the cold a little bit easier.  In case anything has caught your eye, I have linked them all in thumbnails below.  Hope everyone is having a great first week of the New Year.  Have a happy weekend!