Hello and happy Monday!  The start of the week always seems like a good time to polish up that makeup routine you may want to be simplifying, stepping up or just streamlining. And no matter which camp you currently fall into, over the years I have found that no brand is more well-suited to helping you accomplish your personal goals than Bobbi Brown.

I know you've heard me say this before and it still applies...there is no mistaking a 'Bobbi girl'. That pretty, fresh flush, the natural yet beautifully groomed brows, the gorgeous just bitten, full lip and the perfectly enhanced skintone that looks flawless, while allowing the beautiful characteristics Mother Nature gave you, to shine through. Oh there is just nothing at all like it to me.

So with that in mind I thought it was time to show some love to the Bobbi brand while highlighting some of my tried and true favorite products available in the line.  To start, I should note that Bobbi has not only placed a focus upon natural beauty-enhancing makeup colors and formulas designed to complement everyone's unique look but has also created a skin-loving assortment of skincare products and treatments intended to help create the healthyskin canvas that all makeup craves.

This is one of my pre-makeup favorites, the vitamin enriched face base priming moisturizer.  Just as the name implies, this jar of wonder gives your skin the moisture it craves (which for me is always a necessity and especially so in winter!). On top of that, however, it also doubles as the most hydrating, skin smoothing primer that lets whatever makeup you choose to wear on top of it glide on effortlessly and to stay the day.

From there, there are some days I want to create more of a complete look and others that are more low key.  Over the past couple of years, I have really gotten away from a full face of foundation.  Honestly, if you have a dedicated skincare program that works for your skin's needs then you probably won't need as much in the way of coverage because who wants to cover up good skin? Haha, it's really true.  But if you have a special occasion or want to even out any redness you may have going on then this stick will be your best friend.  While there are a few ways you can apply it, I like dabbing it lightly around the nose and gently using my fingertips to warm it up and meld it into any problem areas. 

With that, I have to give praise to the one product in the line that I have never been able to replace and that's the corrector/concealer duo.  When I was first introduced to the concept of correcting undereye discoloration and then brightening up with concealer, I wasn't sure that the two step process was necessary for me.  Fast forward to trying it out and yes, it was.  By using a peachy tone to neutralize those dark circles you are creating the correct canvas that then allows concealer to do its job which is to brighten the undereye instead of giving an ashy look to the darkness you are trying to conceal.  Try it and trust me...I don't think you be disappointed.

Pot rogue is another Bobbi love for me.  Again, fingertips are the preferred way to apply and blend a dot or two which will let you achieve that fresh flush and healthy glow.  Tap gently for ten seconds to terrific and it works on lips too.

Eyeshadow colors are such a personal preference and in my experience, this line does it best.  Her single swipe colors are all expertly designed to enhance your natural skintone and complexion and create that Bobbi girl look.  Her palettes are also so carefully curated as the color choices in each set can be blended to create a dramatic, well-defined look or used individually for simple, effortless beauty.

If you're a fan of beautiful lip colors and natural shades that enhance your natural look then I highly recommend those in her line.  In fact, it was there that I first learned the secret to how to correctly "line" your lips.  If you haven't discovered it yet, take a look here.  

Last but perhaps most important, is a good for your skin way to take off whatever look you've chosen for that day.  My skin craves hydration as I mentioned before and oil-based cleansers are my absolute favorite way to gently cleanse my face.  It takes only a few minutes to do but a great nightly cleanse leaves my skin fresh and supple and ready for my nighttime skincare routine.  More on that another day!

What are your Bobbi favorites? I'd love to know! Hope everyone is having a great Monday and taking sometime for yourself.  Enjoy!