Hello and Happy New Year! Our long wait for the arrival of 2021 is finally over and January is here!  Speaking for myself, yup I'm a little bit happy, haha. So much of what happened over the past twelve months needn't be reiterated other than to say, I feel we have all learned very valuable lessons and each of us looks forward to taking that knowledge with us into the new and using it to shape our goals and guide our journey to greater things.

January always begs for some reassessment of what we love about our lives and what could maybe use a little improvement.  It also speaks to an opportunity to refresh, reimagine and redesign our ideas about what matters most to us now.  It's a mindset that welcomes a fresh start.

So, to help make that a little more doable for us all, I put together an assortment of things that have made my life easier and that I highly recommend if you are looking for ways to simplify, organize and basically make life a bit more productive and, oh yeah, enjoyable.  From personal items (this is a nightly must for me) that will make life better on the daily to sustainable wardrobe essentials (love this brand) and home improvement must-haves (like these) that will make it to this list again next year, these are my Fresh Start Simplifiers to give a try.