Hello Wednesday and to all of you!  Tomorrow is the first day of October which is quite possibly my most favorite month of the year (with the exception of December of course!).  But honestly, number ten is gorgeous in more ways than any of us can count I'm sure.  From the colors to the foods to the fall bucket list favorites, it is simply the best.  Of course, no month or time of year would ever be complete without mentioning the clothes for the season.  And it doesn't get any better than fall.

This look I'm sharing today is perhaps the quintessential color pairing for October, black and tan.  I don't even know quite where to begin on this one other than to say that it evolves into the chicest, most well-worn looks, ever.  Yes, I'm that passionate about it, haha.  In fact, the only other color pairing I can think of that is near as striking is navy and camel.  Can you see the similarity in the two?  Well, I never did say that my tastes were all that varied, haha.  I guess you know what you love and embrace it in all its beautiful glory.

So, with colors this basic, there needs to be a number of gorgeous ways to wear them.  And trust me there are.  Otherwise, things could get a bit boring which is something that I have never experienced with clothes.  Have you?   What I really love besides the look of these colors together is, that no matter what your budget, you can find pieces in these shades that will work for you.

Starting off on the high end, there is this pretty sweater.  I love the colors of course and am particularly fond of the blouson sleeve detailing.  I think it is such a flattering silhouette and something I often gravitate towards in many fabrics.  If you want a piece that is also very lovely yet a bit more affordable, I do recommend this one.  It is such a classic and an incredibly versatile piece that will work with a blazer, black denim or a shorter skirt and over the knee boots.  I've worn it all three ways and can't quite pick a favorite.

Trousers and jeans both get great mileage with any of these pieces.  You can dress them up with pretty, feminine tops or keep them casual as is the case with any of these pieces you see here today.  They also love flats, heels, ankle boots and trainers alike.  It all works which is always a very good thing.

Last, is the camel coat.  Now, of course, that shade can be easily interchanged for the classic black.  But, hands down, these are my favorite colors when it comes to chic toppers.  This one is just absolutley gorgeous and makes me happy in so many ways.  I can see it with blue denim, a white blouse and nude pumps as well as any of these cozy sweaters when the chill sets in.  And, the black version is what I know I'll be wearing come late fall and all throughout winter along with a beanie and combat boots when snowy days are here.

Okay, so there you have it, my basic rundown of the many, many ways you can elegantly wear this classic style color combo.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  If you do, I've linked the pieces shown in the thumbnails down below for you.  Enjoy!