I don't know about you but for me, there is just something so alluring about classic pieces that have notably stood the test of time.  Whether that be in the form of slihouette, style or color, these pieces have it.  That chic factor that is unmistakable and so very coveted by those glamorous women who know style and capture it everywhere...aka us girls.  Haha, well it is true.  A classic look remains timeless because of its sheer staying power.  What is it they say? Fashion changes but true style remains. 

That is where we are going today.  To the era of the Jackies, Audreys and Carolyns that we adore for the way they embodied true style and elegance while making it all look completely effortless.  Oh, I do love that.

Now that it is fall, I'm all about the color camel, even more than usual.  I honestly think you could find me wearing it any given day of the week and I never, ever grow tired of it.  That's mostly because it's such a gorgeous, rich color that looks beautiful on everyone and you can wear it in an endless number of ways.

Today I've chosen it in the shape of an oversized, roomy turtleneck that will love being styled with nearly every item you already own.  Now, since it is autumn, I've decided to no longer pair it with white (even though the two together might be my favorite color combo of all time).  Instead, classic blue denim will be taking its place.  This pair of mom jeans has been getting so much wear from me lately.  I love the way they fit and have become a huge fan of the high-waisted look. I never thought I'd say that but if you've worn them then maybe you know exactly what I mean.  

Now, let's take a moment to truly appreciate the star of the show...The Sarah Flint Natalie flat.  I fell in love with this pair of shoes immediately the moment I saw them.  It wasn't hard to do and if you own a pair yourself, you know why.  Timeless, classic and so very chic are three ways to describe their appeal.  I, of course, love them in this color.   It's my unofficial go-to and works with everything, especially throughout the fall.  They also come in a variety of other pretty colors you might love too.  For me, the saddle vacchetta is the best choice.  So pretty and I absolutely love it as a part of this look.  

I decided to go with this bag to add to the other pieces you see here.  Not sure quite where to begin with this one other than to say of course that it is absolutely gorgeous and I do love it. Again the color is perfect for this palette and all things autumn.  I love the drawstring feature and the small bit of gold hardware.  I don't think there are many things that are any better than that, haha.  But truly, this bag will love being in any fall wardrobe.  Love it.

Accessories are always the final touch that either elevate the outfit or take away from the look.   The latter is never good, haha.  Okay so for this look today, I chose this beautiful watch from Olivia Burton.  I think the color is absolutely gorgeous and the size of the face is just right to get noticed but not detract from the outfit itself.  Black sunnies are always, always the right choice.  I don't think anyone has ever gone wrong wearing them I can assure you and today is no exception. I especially adore this particular pair.

And just like that, you have a beautifully styled look for casual events any day of the week.  By now I have learned that styling an outfit does not have to be laborious.  In fact, it's quite the opposite as I so often love putting my favorite pieces together in so many new and different ways.  But, you knew that already.  

So, what looks do you want to see styled for fall? Please leave me a comment below or message me on my Instagram account and I'd be happy to do it.  Thank you for stopping by today and sharing part of your day with me.  See you on Wednesday!