When you find something spectacular, you need to share the love for it with the world, right? Going with that, today I am sharing with you five of the brands I am loving lately.  You already know of my long love affair with Nordstrom and I highly doubt that will ever change.  But, I also have several brands that I am faithful to as well and these are the latest to join the club.

I'm going to begin with one that is effortlessly casual, currently classic and always has exactly what I'm looking for at the moment.  It is & Other Stories.  I just love their pieces for so many reasons.  Most notably, they are completely versatile, embody the sense of the modern woman and they honor sustainability which is something that is really at the forefront of so many fashion purchases for me right now.

Second on the list is Cuyana.  I first came across this brand several years ago and find myself going back to them time and time again.  They seem to have the market cornered on how to effortlessly style chic neutrals.  I don't know if anybody does it better.  When heading over there, you will likely recognize several pieces from past posts I've shared.  Simple elegance and again they are a sustainable brand and I applaud them for that.  I definitely recommend taking a look.

Another brand on my radar right now is Mango.  With only a few stores in the area here where I live, I spend most of my time shopping on their website but am hoping this will eventually change.  If you've never shopped with them before, you will find a lot of classically chic choices to pick from.  They feature styles similar to both & Other Stories and Cuyana with a very affordable price point.  I find that their casual dresses are really quite pretty and they are currently offering 30% off site-wide with the code: SHOP30 if you want to take a look.

No list of favorites would be complete without including....SHOES.  Yes, I love them in all varieties as you likely well know.  This brand has really caught my eye.  Dear Frances (isn't that the most clever little name?) has what might be the best selection of boots I've ever seen.  Given that they dedicate themselves strictly to footwear, that makes beautiful sense.  And speaking of beautiful, everything they offer is just that.  Their prices lean a bit more towards the higher end of the average scale.  But, if you are a savvy shopper (and I know you are) you can find yourselves some very good deals.  Your feet will thank you endlessly because the brand prides itself on feeling good when you wear them as well as looking incredibly chic.

So, I've saved my latest favorite for last and that is Loewe. Oh, where to begin on this one.  Let me first say that their clothing options most closely reflect something you'd see coming straight off the runway.  If you are that girl, this is the brand you must entertain.  Personally, I am in love with their handbags.  The collections they offer are truly beyond gorgeous.  Of course, with immense beauty, there comes a bit of a higher (aka steep) price tag but I can tell you that these bags are well worth it if you fall in love with one.  

So there they are.  Five favorite brands I can't get enough of right now.  I hope you enjoy them and find something to fall in love with too.  Have a fantastic Friday everyone and enjoy this glorious October weekend!