Hello beauties and happy Monday!  I'm here to hopefully help you start the week on happy note.  What better way to do that than with a lovely little nod to spring?  While autumn is my all time favorite time of year, spring is a pretty close second.  With its soft, serene skyline and gentle watercolor brushstrokes, I feel like I'm living in a painted Parisian paradise.  Ah, could there be anything better? I didn't think so, haha.  But honestly, the colors of the season are so happy and joyful and deserve some love shown their way.  I've loved pastels since I met them and spring makes it easy to incorporate them into my wardrobe.  This spring sweater and these well-worn jeans are the perfect shades of blue.  I love the sense of calm they bring.  I'm also a huge fan of all things pink....oh, have you noticed?  Whether it's a running shoe, shade of lipstick or luxurious body polish, I am always all in.  A thoughtful splash of ivory, and a few well placed pops of gold or silver round out those spring vibes and leave you looking as fresh as a daisy!  

Can you all believe that Easter is almost here?  It will have a very different kind of a feel for so many of us this year. I'm finding though that through all of this and the unfortunate events of the world right now, we are all finding those silver linings and becoming more and more appreciative of the little things along the way.  Hoping you feel the same!