TGIF!  Whether you are working from home, still going to your job or just plain worn out from the week, it is time to slow it down and care for yourself.  I've heard it said and it always resonates that you simply can't pour from an empty cup.  There definitely comes a point where replenishment is key.     Sometimes retail therapy is that key.  Since we can't go to the shops, I'm bringing the shops to us.  My favorite retailer, Nordstrom, is still offering some incredible ways to save major money.  These black distressed jeans are one of my current faves.  I love them so many ways from casual to contemporary and anything in between!  These slides...enough said.  I'm also loving the feel of an oversized jacket with denim picking up this spring where winter wool left off.  This tote has been one of my longtime loves and is still the bag I can always recommend.  The colors are so classic yet the feel is totally on trend.  Sunnies are always a constant and now that spring is here, I'm thinking of adding this pair to my collection.  Finally, springtime scents are some of the most beautiful  fragrances you'll find.  This one smells incredible with all the gorgeous and flirty feels we all love.

So what are you guys all planning on doing at home this weekend?  I can't wait to decompress from work, watch a few good movies and catch up with friends from a far.  Hope everyone has a fun time...stay healthy, stay safe!