Everyday style is such a personal choice but if you keep these three simple ideas uppermost in your mind, you will find that your best looks are always simple and rather easy to achieve.

I find that the number one thing that allows every woman to look and feel their best is to only wear styles that make you feel good.  Regardless of what the "hot items" might be at the moment, if they are pieces that don't leave you feeling confident and with your head in good place, then they will not translate favorably no matter how on trend they are.

Pieces that flatter your figure and accentuate the things you love about your body are what you need to turn towards.  Whether that might be long shapely legs or a striking hourglass figure, your clothing choices should highlight what you love about you.

Another important thing to consider when building your wardrobe is what is your color scheme.  Are you a bright and bold sort of girl, do you prefer a lot of patterns and prints in your closet or is basic black more your comfort zone?

For me, I can say I am one hundred percent a neutral lover.  So, whenever I add something to collection I always consider how it will play with those classic soft shades and balance out what I already own.  This charcoal grey knit dress is the perfect example of a neutral that would work effortlessly well with blacks, caramels, ivories and those deeper jewel toned colors I know I will be wearing all season.

Finally, if you have been following along for even just a little while, then you already know that I am dedicated the "Wear It Three Ways" rule of fashion.  Simply stated, if I can't wear a piece three different ways and love all of them, it doesn't come home with me.  I find that when you love shopping and clothing as much as I do, this standard rule of thumb really does help to keep me from buying more than I need and more than I will use.

And there they are, my three keys to everyday style that I live by.  I hope they help you to find the key to the looks and styles you love too.