Simple and chic....two words that resonate with me and that I always gravitate towards when putting together my favorite looks no matter the season.  Now that autumn is finally upon us, I'm enjoying curating everything non those two categories in ways that embrace and embody the chilly weather.

One combination that is always both simple and chic is navy and black.  While some might say that the two don't belong together, I say there's never been a better pair.  To me there is jut something so irresistible and timeless about the two together that I can get enough of come fall.

This navy coat is probably my favorite at the minute. I just really. love the cut, the fit and the double breasted look of it and think that it pairs so well with nearly everything I'm likely to be wearing right now. Building on from there, I think that these black trousers would look perfect layered underneath.  Top it with a sort of sporty striped sweater like this turtleneck version and you create a very casual yet still smart look that is perfect for running around town on a cool fall day.  

Of course, you all know I love my Vejas and think they would work with this look as well.  But, if you want to dress it up just a bit then these loafers would be my choice for doing that.  I love a classic shoe and this one definitely fits that bill.

A structured handbag always balances out a dressed down look and this one is absolutely beautiful.  I am a  especially fond of this cognac shade and think that ninety-five percent of the bags I own are in this very color, haha.  Well, when you know what you like, you know what you like!

That is, afterall, what makes me a lover of style...knowing what you love, what works and what says, "This is me".  Hope you are all enjoying a lovely week...thanks for sharing part of it with me!