For as long as I can remember, I've always had a love affair with pastels.  Intially, I had thought of them as a perfect way to welcome springtime with all those pretty pinks, mint greens, soft yellows and of course, powder blues.  As time went on and my love affair matured, I came to realize how much I really loved those hues as a way to add warmth to winter.  

Maybe they are a reflection of snowscapes and winter sunsets or maybe they are just a realization of how much we all look forward to warmer days ahead, haha but either way, I love pastels in winter.  Today's look was created to celebrate the season we are in with a combination of soft shades and pretty neutrals that can't get enough of each other.  Hmmm, sounds like a love story to me, haha.

This color blue says winter to me but in a very cozy and comforting way.  I love making it the star of the show by pairing this coat with ivories, creams and blush tones alongside shades of sun-washed denim.  Then for some added interest and just enough contrast to make the look interesting, I love these animal print loafers.  

Gold and rose gold accessories in the form of this ring and this watch are my favorite ways to finish the look while keeping everything so beautifully balanced.  See, with looks like this, winter isn't so bad!

What do you all turn to to keep the winter blues at bay?  Hope you're having a beautiful week!