Hello, weekend! No matter what you've been up to or how you've spent the week, it is always so nice to welcome in the weekend.  Hopefully, you have plans to enjoy something that makes you smile.  And, if you need something fresh and sassy to wear, I'm your girl!

Even though we've all repeatedly said how low-key our work week looks became over the past year, I still feel like weekend vibes are just a little different somehow.  And they're a great chance to highlight your personal style because it is fabulous after all. 

 So, these jeans have made a reappearance in my rotation.  I'm not sure if it's the darker wash, sophisticated yet relaxed leg or the fact that they love my Converse.  Probably a combination of all three, haha.  But they are comfortable, flattering and play so well with sweaters, moto jackets and blazers that I just had to pull them back out again.

For today's look, they star alongside a black chunky knit turtleneck sweater.  Honestly, is there any piece that is any more classic and well-loved than the black turtleneck?  Audrey knew what she was doing.  I love it lots of ways but for weekend moments in winter I'm pairing it for comfort.  Slip on those Converse I mentioned before or I also think this pair of Chelsea boots would look quite nice with them as well.  

Keeping it simple means that once you have a great top and bottom you are happy with all you need to do is add a couple of eye-catching accessories that round things out and polish off the look perfectly.  And that brings me to...this coat.  Of course it is a total splurge but so worth it if that is something you can comfortably afford.  I love chocolate in all forms and this gorgeous option is no exception, haha.  I also love bringing a little bit of warmth to the entire look with the brown hues like the ones in these tortoise sunnies.  This bucket hat is also so adorable and will work now in corduroy and can be switched out with a cotton version in the spring.

Slightly brighter pops of color can come in the form of this handbag which I've been loving all fall and winter long.  And, a rose colored lip gloss is just the right finishing touch to any weekend look.

So, is it just me or does January always feel like the longest month of the year? Well, the weekend is here and that is something to celebrate.  Stay cozy everyone!