Doing a bit of London dreaming today and while I may not currently be able to enjoy a walk along those cobblestone streets just yet, I can still get dressed for it.  British style is classic yet cutting edge which is one of the elements that always draws my eye.  Simple silhouettes and easy to style pieces make the look come to life with very little effort and a whole lot of results.

I love black, greys, camels and creams and this look pulls all of them together with effortless ease.  Unlike  some trendier styles, these pieces create ultra-stylish looks that you wear instead of them wearing you.  Simple, soft yarn turtlenecks play so gracefully with a relaxed trouser like this one.  Then, as 2020 taught us so well, lose the fancy footwear and go instead with a casual little kick like this pair of sneakers.  If you are in the mood for a little more luxury then I'd say reach for these gorgeous booties.

Accessories are the greatest (and easiest) ways to add a personal touch to your look.  For me, I absolutely adore a newsboy cap.  I also think this style is super cute.  A classic patterned scarf is a great option nearly year-round so that's a definite yes in winter.  This one works with nearly every neutral piece you can own. British gals know the importance of a timeless bag.  I'm still loving this one.  And finally, don't forget a quick swipe of color on the lips to bring the whole look to life.

Ahhh, it's so easy to put together chic European looks with staple pieces like these.   For all the details on everything shown here today, you can shop them all via the thumbnails below.  Now, we just have to buy the plane tickets! Hope you are having fun planning your great escape too.  Enjoy the daydream, it's the first step of the journey!