Well hello! Welcome to midweek everyone.  With the way life has been lately, it's no secret that we have all officially transitioned into full-time lowkey looks.  Meaning that our day to day wear is much less fussy and way more comfortable.

With that being the case, I've put together a list of one of my favorite things for these times and always...denim.  Yes, jeans really can be a girl's best friend.  Especially if one knows which type is their type if you know what I'm saying.  And yes, there definitely is a pair for every body.

Today I've rounded up the five styles I think will work for each of you in one form or another.  So, while not everyone wants to wear the latest trend in denim, everyone can find a pair that they will absolutley love.

That being said, let's start with the one style that I think everyone can love and that is The Boyfriend Jean.  Now whether you are wearing them to enjoy some off duty time or you want to contrast them with some really chic and girlie favorites, this pair of jeans can take on all of that.  This is my favorite from the brand Madewell.  They're just so soft, worn in and not to mention, ultra comfortable.  I feel like I've simply been living in them lately.  

I've also fallen madly in love with the next style known as the high-waisted.  I never thought I'd ever love this style even half as much as I do.  But trust me, the love affair is real.  And, they love you right back.  The way the hug and hold you in all the right places, lengthen the legs and trim the tummy are just a few reasons I adore them.  They also love to be paired with practically everything I own which makes for a very good wardrobe day.  This pair is highly recommended.

The next style is one that's been seen for quite some time now and it seems to have had a rather tumultuous relationship with some women.  I think this is a pair you either love or hate and it is the skinny jean.  At first glance, this sort of cut can easily scare off just about anyone with its slim skinny legs and teeny tiny waist.  But, so many brands have realized this and have since begun creating them with the softest of stretch fabrics and the most forgiving of seaming that they are much more like a familiar pair of well-worn leggings which we are all rather cozy with.  This pair is my personal favorite of the moment.

Now for a style I've also been known to wear...a lot.  The stovepipe jean.  This style has it all and can go in any direction you need it too.  I feel like it is the most classic of all of these mentioned and I love it paired with my favorite classic pieces.  The fact that they have a high rise help a lot as it gives the body that gorgeous hourglass figure whether you naturally have one or not, haha.  If you're thinking of giving the look a try, then I would suggest trying on this pair.  They are soft, flattering and you guessed it, pretty much perfect.

And last I want to mention a style that took me a little longer to love.  But once I did, I never looked back.  The basic button fly is honestly, a classic look that had gone unrecognized for quite some time now.  I see it making somewhat of a comeback, however, and think that it can be a very fun and casual look in a way the others are not.  When pairing it with your favorite sneakers, a loose-fitting knit, your crossbody bag and a pair of sunnies, you are casually set for a great day of play.

So there they are.  My top five recommendations for when it comes to denim.  I hope you will let me know which of these you also have a great love for or if, perhaps, there is another denim style you adore.  Thanks for sharing everyone and I will see you on Friday!