If you live in a city where seasons change then it's likely you're going into a new cooler climate right about now.  I happen to love this time of the year when the air turns crisp, leaves turn all sorts of shades of lovely and the sweaters come back out.  It is also when the heat goes on and the air suddenly begins having its way with our skin.  And, no matter what your personal skin type might be, it is always a very good idea to think about readjusting some parts of your skincare routine.

Okay, so let me first preface that regardless of what time of the year it might be, there are essential steps that we always want to follow in order to achieve optimal skin wellness.  You can read more about those essentials her if you are interested in my opinion on that.  Now, in keeping with those steps, I have put together some of my favorite products that I am currently using to ensure that my skin stays hydrated, radiant and healthy as we enter those cooler months ahead.  

First off, I always, always, always make sure that my skin is as clean as possible after the events of the day.  To do that, I like to use a cleanser that will take away all of what I don't want on my face any longer (yes, makeup, that's you come nighttime) and leave my pH balance intact.  If it is not, you'll know because your skin will suddenly feel quite tight and uncomfortable following a wash.  This superfood cleanser takes away all the remains of the day and leaves my face so soft and supple after I'm done.  If you enjoy clean beauty and like buying cruelty-free products those are two more reasons I recommend it.  It also contains absolutely no sulfates or alcohol which is also why it keeps the skin from feeling a size too small.

I don't know how you feel but I can definitely tell you that masks are a must for me.  My skin just feels so much more nourished, hydrated and well-cared for after I have done a mask.  And, I can always tell when too much time has gone by and I haven't indulged in this simple but so effective ritual.  I also absolutely love what vitamin C does for the complexion.  If you have never tried it in any form I can tell you that the hype is real.  This amazing little jar checks the boxes for both a mask and vitamin c treatment.  I simply love every single thing I have tried from Tatcha so far and this jar is my latest love by them.

Sticking with the vitamin C theme, I highly suggest you give this serum a try.  I use vitamin C daily and am liking this one from Ole Henriksen.  Again a clean brand that uses only the necessary ingredients.  I've noticed so far that my skin simply drinks it up and it leaves behind a wonderful glow over time as well as noticble improvements in my skin's tone and texture.  Both of which are important trademarks that you want in a vitamin C serum.  If you're looking for similar results I say go on and give it a try.

Now, as much as I love turning the heat on when we come upon those first chilly nights I don't love how the drier air can dry out my skin.  Enter ultra hydration.  I have two favorites at the moment.  One is this jar of honey magic from Farmacy which is absolutely luscious and nearly good enough to eat, haha.  It is all-natural so I can see why it'd be tempting to do that.  The other is again in the form of a mask at it this Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask from Glow Recipe.  This is a brand I'm still getting to know but so far I've enjoyed everything I've tried from them.  And, anything that can work will  I'm sleeping is a win for me.

So, once all the treatments and hyrdators have had their moment to perfect your complexion you don't want the sun to take away all the progress they've made. That is why if you wear absolutely nothing else on your face be sure you don't face the day without some sort of SPF.  This one is brilliant as it covers all the bases.  Lightweight coverage, instant glow, SPF protection...check, check and check.  I do love Supergoop! and have also been known to toss their SPF powder brush with touch-up powder and applicator all in one, into my bag while heading out the door.  It's perfect for touch-ups and is exactly what I reach for on sunny days.

And there they are.  My six steps to gorgeous and glowing as we head into the cooler months of autumn.  I'd love to know what you think and if you have tried any of these yourself.  One thing is for sure, you can never have too many recommendations for skincare that works.  Wishing you all a wonderful October weekend.  I hope you spend it doing something you love and you can check out my Instagram to see how I'll be enjoying mine!