If there is one thing I get asked all the time is undoubtedly, "How can I make this piece look different each time I wear it?" Well, the answer is actually quite simple and it lies in how you accessorize it.  Okay, so if you know me then you likely also know that I am not the girl who overwhelms her outfit with every bit and bangle known toman.  Actually, I'm quite the opposite.  I love having an eye for detail and for me that means subtle, tasteful touches that will elevate a look to its highest good.

When it comes to doing that, I have decided upon ten essential pieces that I think everyone should have in their accessories wardrobe in one form or another.  The style you wish to do them in is a matter of your personal style and taste but these are the top ten ways to take any look to the next level.

No. 1 | The Handbag
I happen to love a versatile, well-made handbag that is made to go the distance and perform flawlessly across a variety of outfit choices.  I am the girl who absolutely loves her luxury handbags so this is an area where I tend to splurge a little bit.  If that is not in the budget for you, there are many, many affordable options that will do just a well.  Some things to look for, no matter what your budget, are a well-made strap, secure seaming and well-performing materials that will hold up to all the wear your bag may be getting.
My Current Fave: LOEWE Bucket Bag

No. 2 |  A Great Hat
I am a big fan of the newsboy cap.  I love its vibe and the casual but chic feel it has.  It has a euro chic feel which I love and looks good on everyone.  I own this one in black as well as a few others in camel, loden and navy.  I keep adding to my collection it seems but I have yet to regret any purchase of this piece.  It's a must-have for me.
My Current Fave:  Brixton Fiddler's Cap

No. 3, 4 and 5  |  Shoes, Sneakers or Boots
This category goes without saying for all of us.  And, whether you're a casual lover, practical girl or devotee of glam style, there is a choice of footwear for every fashion taste and every outfit.  A quick change from trainers to ankle boots takes an outfit from off-duty to out with friends in an instant.  I'm picturing this being the case with a cami, blazer and jeans.  Very versatile according to the footwear you decide to pair them with.
My Current Faves: Tods's, Veja and Dear Frances

No. 6  |  A Statement Watch
I don't know about you but for me, there is just something about a really stunning watch that takes any outfit from okay, nice to elegantly chic.  I think that it is a piece anyone can easily wear regardless of their size, style or lifestyle.  I also love that you can easily choose a sporty one for when that is the case or a jewelry-like piece for elevated looks.
My Current Fave: Cluse Rose Gold Watch

No. 7  |  Sunglasses
There is hardly a time when you will ever catch me with my beloved sunnies.  They are either on my face or propped atop my head at the ready to be worn.  Given my love for them, I've built quite a collection it seems, haha.  But, the truth is every outfit needs them or, at the very least, can carry them off.  Whether you are channeling a mod vibe, glamorous look or simply want a sense of mystery and allure, there is something available for that and at every price point.

No. 8  |  The Scarf
Is there anyone left who doesn't love the scarf in some capacity?  From thin and gauzy to warm and chunky, there is a scarf style for simply everyone. That is a very good thing.  A scarf can take any look in an entirely new direction.  They can dress up the most simple of basics and make you look like yuou put in way more effort than you eevr did.  That in itself makes this piece an indispensable must-have for all.
My Current Fave: Burberry

No. 9 + 10  |  Earrings/Rings and Necklaces
Every girl loves at least one of these.  I often can't decide what that one is for me, haha.  I do always love wearing a ring regardless of whatever else I have going on.  But, never underestimate the power of a chic pair of statement earrings.  I especially love them whenever my hair is pulled away from my face.  They really add unmatched style to a look and honestly, what could be easier?  Layered necklaces and dainty bracelets are also excellent ways to polish off your look, literally.  And, they never go unnoticed.
My Current Fave: Mejuri

And there they are.  My ten favorite ways to properly dress up any look on any given day.  I'd love to know what you guys reach for to finish off your favorite looks.  Have a great day everyone and as always, thanks for reading!