It's no secret.  You all know it.  I love clothes.  No day would be complete without an OOTD that makes me happy, haha.  I'm only slightly kidding.  Life is full of choices and the ones that make you feel good are my favorite.  

Friends will always ask me, "Should I buy this?" whenever they're contemplating adding something new to their closet and my answer never changes.  I always ask back these two questions, "Do you love it?" and "Can you wear it at least three ways?"  The answer to both must be yes, at least for me, otherwise, it goes back on the rack.  

I've always been true to this rule of thumb and never regretted it.  Let's face it, clothing can be expensive and most definitely an investment.  If you love it, then you know you are going to always want to wear it.  And, if you wear it at least three ways then you will do that without anyone ever realizing you've ever even worn it before.  

Besides that, you will never grow tired of these pieces when you are able to reinvent them over time.  Okay, so how do we do that exactly?  Well, it's not as tricky as it sounds.  Basically, for me, I like to decide how I would wear a particular piece across three platforms.  Meaning, can I dress it up for say drinks and dinner?  Will this piece be something I can wear with more casual pieces that I already love?  And can it be paired with the other colors, fabrics and styles already hard at work in my wardrobe?

The basic blazer is probably the perfect example of how this all plays out.  This black blazer is a staple in my wardrobe right now.  Some women don't think of themselves as being able to easily wear this piece and look fabulous doing it but trust me, we all can.  Whether you are channeling a feminine look, want to sport some style that is borrowed from the boys or you are a girl after my own heart and simply cannot get enough of classic glamour - ever, this piece will work for you, effortlessly.

To accentuate your feminine ways and fix the focus upon the fact that you are all woman, make the foundation of your look a pretty little piece like this smocked ruffle dress.  Completely girlie and flattering on so many sizes, it gives the perfect juxtaposition to the otherwise menswear-inspired piece.  I would also add in a structured bag like this classic one.  Then, for an unexpected bit of fun, these sneakers round out the look and balance the casually looking cute feel.

On another day, pull out these highrise straight leg jeans.  (This pair has such a fantastic fit making it yet another "Wear it Three Ways" piece itself but that is another story for another day's post.)  I like to pair them with a simple, easy neutral tee (love this one), a classic pair of sneakers and a beautiful neutral tan bag.  So obsessed with this brand right now.  The color combination is one of my favorites and these low key pieces make for a second great way to style the blazer.

A third way to wear this jacket beautifully is to turn to classic pieces to pair it with.  Oh yes, this is my most favorite way.  Can you tell?  What could be better than a classic pair of blue jeans, a crisp white button-down, some gorgeous black slingback flats, a bit of gold jewelry and the classic jacket to top it off?  You are correct, nothing.  Haha, well nothing in my closet at least.  But seriously, these classic pieces that we all undoubtedly own in one form or another are the absolute best pieces to pair with a blazer in my humble opinion of course.  My Pinterest is filled with these classic glam examples I realize and that always speaks volumes.  Never ignore what your boards are telling you, haha, never.

So there you have it.  Three ways to wear this classic piece.  Autumn is such a perfect time to add a new piece or two to your wardrobe or to go through your closet of things you already own.  And now I hope you can see how easy it is to give them new life by pairing them in some unexpected or never thought of ways.  

I do just love when things work out like that.  I hope you found it helpful too.  Please let me know what other style tips you'd like to see for the season.  I'll keep sending them your way!