Is there really anything more versatile than a truly great fall jacket?  Whenever autumn rolls around, I always feel so very inspired to create new looks by styling my favorite pieces in new and maybe unexpected ways.  The jacket is the absolute perfect piece to do this with.

Anything from the lightweight and classic versions to the warmer and cozy collection can serve as a great topper.  Jackets are also a terrific way to elevate your entire look for that day.  Let's begin with this all-time classic, the biker jacket.  No matter what your personal style preference may be, this piece always works in one form or another.  Traditionally, it gets worn with a pair of blue or black denim, a white tee and a pair of fun flats or trainers.

You can elevate it, however, quite simply by wearing a leather moto casually draped over the shoulders atop a midi skirt or a pretty, feminine dress.  This is currently my favorite way to do it because it takes an often-worn option and gives it new life by being styled in a completely different way.  The unexpected pairing goes a far way towards curating great personal style.

Okay, on to number two...the longline plaid jacket.  This look is a take on the traditional blazer which I talked all about in this post here.  By adding a bit of length to it, it gives a whole new look and allows you to wear it over a chunky sweater with a pair of trousers and perhaps these ankle boots.  Such a perfectly styled look for fall.  You can also just as easily put it together with a cami or tee, a pair of jeans and the classic loafer (this is my absolute favorite pair).  

Fall would not be fall without an appearance from the wool trench coat.  This option is so important and just what I want to reach for as we get on into the cooler moments and months of autumn.  Camel is probably my number one choice for picking a color for this coat, however, navy blue is strongly tugging at my heartstrings.  Its classic feel and somewhat royal roots make it the perfect choice for anyone who absolutely loves a great tried and true purchase.

Finally, these last two options are what most of us will soon be wanting to wear.  They are the cocoon coat and of course, the blazer.  This Italian wool coat from J.Crew, in particular, has somewhat of a cult following as their pieces sometimes do.  The color range options are completely perfect for fall.  So much so that I am having a little trouble deciding which one to choose.  This shade is so beautiful and would work not just now but all winter and on into early spring as well.  It's roomy enough to allow you to wear it with your sweaters and the neckline is just so chic to me.  

Of course, I've saved the best-worn piece for last.  That is the ever-worn classic blazer.  Whether you are a basic black lover, prefer a check or plaid version or are the bold color lover, this jacket will work seamlessly in any wardrobe.  It loves jeans and tees every bit much as a silk cami and gorgeous pleated skirt.  It's the "have style, will show it" piece of every basic wardrobe.  Leastwise, I feel it should be, haha.

So there you have it, my favorite coats for fall.  I absolutely love that the weather is cooperating with being able to wear some of them already.  One never knows how long it might take for Mother Nature to get on board with styles for the new season!  Hope you're having a fantastic Friday and are ready to welcome in the weekend! Enjoy everyone...