Have you ever seen those women who make getting dressed and looking fabulous seem so darn effortless?  Well, today I'm going to share with you the secret to how it's done.  Trust me it is so simple you'll be doing it too as soon as this read is over.  

So there's one thing I've noticed about every chic little outfit I've ever seen worn and that is that it follows the Rule of Three.  It's somewhat of an unspoken rule which is why I find it often alludes so many but nevertheless it is real. 

Let's take today's look as an example.  When you look at it, do you notice how it incorporates a color scheme of only 2 - 3 colors?  This my friends is purposeful aka very deliberate.  By only working with basic black and shades of camel you have an enormous range of play to work with.  Black, of course, goes with everyyyything and its perfect, perfect partner is always going to be camel.  But from there, you can lighten the hue with a piece like this sweater (which is on MAJOR sale) or you can just as easily stick with the classic two-color combo while adding in some delicate gold jewelry to it polish off.  I'm currently obsessed with this brand.

Neutrals work beautifully together which is why they have always been a girl's best friend.  When you're picking them out for your wardrobe you will never ever go wrong nor will you be disappointed.  I promise.  They can follow the Rule of Three with such ease that they almost make you wonder why any other color would even be necessary. Ever.  In my opinion, they're not...unless you're craving a feminine feel like pink would give or want to make a bold statement via some pretty jewel tones.  Colors like that can feel like a neutral, but only a slight bit louder, if you pair them with other basics like black, greys or ivories.  

All of those looks would be equally brilliant as they easily allow you to build your outfit around just two to three colors max.  Black, grey and winter white...navy, black and slate...caramel, brown and cream...burgundy, black and charcoal...denim, white and tan.  Oh, the possibilities are seasonless as well as never-ending.  Which is something I absolutely love.  

That's how chic and simple it honestly is.  Choose a basic neutral and two complementary hues and build a beautiful outfit around it.  Remember to always tie in those same neutrals into your accessories and the three-color palette you've chosen and that will keep you from ever looking overdone.  Elegant, effortless and best of all, easily achievable.  That is a rule I will always follow.

I hope you all find this little gem helpful.  It's something I realized I'd done for years before noticing what was actually happening, haha.  I'm happy to share it as well as other style secrets with you any day of the week.  Have a lovely day everyone!