Workout Wednesday is looking cute and feeling comfy with some of my latest favorite finds that are perfect for right now.  After all, we're mostly wearing easy pieces like these to either get your sweat session in or to lounge around looking like you did, haha.  So let's start with these oversized joggers. First of all, they're pink which is almost enough said.  Secondly, oversized no longer means sloppy.  Now it translates into easy to wear and flattering in all the right places.  A cropped hoodie is always in my rotation.  Pair it with these yoga pants a pair of sunnies and a pony and you're totally set.  And as my sneaker closet continues to grow, this pair has to be the latest addition.  Love them.  

That rounds out my latest picks for workout wear ( looking like you did, haha).  What are you all reaching for these days? Hope everyone is having a healthy week and getting to enjoy some sunshine!