Hello friends!  Here we go, another week and a whole new set of opportunities to find inspiration towards whatever keeps you moving.  Lately, I have been finding lots of new sources of creativity through several new blogs I've begun to follow.  I still remember stumbling across the incredible sites that inspired me to create Chic Saturday and can never thank those girls enough (hello Rachel, Kat, Julia and Julie). Today, I am still giddy whenever I discover new, beautiful outlets of expression to admire.  Some of the new sites (and Insta accounts) I've been following include The Daily Edited,   Kristin MadeMoney Can Buy LipstickThe Pink Dream and Table Just for One. From monogrammed must-haves and handmade one-of-a-kinds to all things pink and globally inspired delicious dishes, these sites have been a daily must-visit for me.  If they're not inspiring me to add personalized touches to my home and accessories, they are encouraging me to try new recipes and experience far away locales via my kitchen.  Oh I love it!  If you are anything like me and would love some new and exciting ways to enjoy a little downtime, please give these blogs a follow.  I think you will really enjoy them!

Wishing you a happy Monday!