If there are two things springtime is they are uncomplicated and unfussy aka simple and easy. Nothing makes that more achievable than a few spring dresses and a denim jacket.  Add in a personal touch with some specially chosen accessories and just like that...instant outfit, total style.  I love spring dresses and especially adore those you can glam up or dress down.  This little frock is a perfect example of just that.  The flouncy sleeve, delicate pattern and ruffled hemline lead the way to wherever you're going.  Being a teacher means I can also be a bit of a word nerd, haha and these glasses are the perfect fit for that.  Trust me, there is nothing unflattering about them.  I am also way into mules this season (haha, have you heard?!) and this pair works with so many cute dresses as well as wide leg capris, all kinds of denim and cute cutoffs.  Straw toppers own the season right now and this one is a total splurge.  If you're looking for something a little more affordable, this is a great choice.  Finally, don't forget the most important piece that'll keep your look feeling casually and looking sweet...the cropped denim jacket.  It is truly the one must-have I think every closet needs.

What are your favorite pieces that are springtime simple?  I'd love to know!  Have a happy weekend everyone!