Springtime gives us so many pretty reasons to smile and today I've decided to celebrate a few of them here with you.  Is there anything more beautiful than a spring garden in bloom?  From tulips to peonies, flowers for sure have my heart.  Taking that love into my closet is just one easy way to enjoy the season.  Floral dresses are one of my go-tos each year.  I find them so ultra feminine and begging to be worn this time of year.  From sweet brunches with your girlfriends (I can't wait for those to happen again!) to a gorgeous spring or summer wedding, this is a pattern I am forever faithful to.  You guys know I am in love with soft shades and sometimes that means soft fabrics as well.  This tie front denim shirt is super soft and will pair perfectly with anything high-waisted that you're looking to wear (and isn't that just about everything right now? Haha.)  I can't believe all the fashion steals available along with this piece over on Amazon fashion. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do!  Sweet accessories are also a trademark of the season and this handbag shows us why that is so.  It's a handcrafted version of this original at a price we can all love.  I also can't get enough of these nude colored sunnies that work with all the colors I'm choosing right now.  Rose-inspired beauty is always on my radar - always but especially now.  This dream cream is so comforting and exactly what my skin (and I) am craving at the moment.  Springtime self-care never goes out of style.  

I hope everyone has a good Monday...I am ready for an at-home workout, anyone else?  Haha, stay healthy and stay sane everyone!