Happy Wednesday!  How's everyone's week? Mine has been super busy so far...this work from home stuff is no joke!  Going back to my job is going to feel like a vacation, haha.  In anycase, I can't complain as I am feeling quite blessed.  So, while working, playing and pretty much doing everything at home nowadays, many of us are wearing way less makeup.  Sometimes the break from it can be nice!  What's even nicer is having that "makeup optional" skin we all crave.  If that has been something you've struggled with, these products can make it a reality.  Personally, I've discovered that the better my skincare routine, the more radiant my skin seems either with or without makeup.  Whether it's a super nourishing moisturizer, glow-getting sunscreen or treatment-rich eye cream/concelaer, small switch-ups can become total game-changers.  What's even prettier is that these goodies are on super sale right now at Sephora if you're a Rouge member and will be for the rest of us in the next few weeks.  I'll be sharing a post featuring all the details and my favorite picks coming up soon!  Until then take a peek at my picks in the shoppable thumbnails below.

Have a great day everyone and take a little time for yourself...you deserve it!