For a lot of us, being at home means spending more time in the kitchen.  For me, that's  always been something I've loved to do.  So, trying out new recipes and coming up with clever ways to use those panty pulls is in a!  I also have always loveeeed collecting and curating the sweetest pieces that make me feel happy and leave my kitchen looking like a fresh breath of spring.  There are honestly so many ways to do it and such adorable ideas for creating your collection.  I've found that at times, it can become a problem, haha.  Still, if you're just looking for some new and pretty ways to spice up your basics, these are the pieces that'll do it.  For starters, I never feel ready to cook unless I've got my apron on.  I know, who else says that but me?  Haha, my mom actually tells me that I am the only one in my generation who's like that.  Is she right?!  No matter if she is or not, I still love keeping my clothes clean and stain free (did I mention I can sometimes be messy?) and an apron is the perfect way to do it.  There are soooo many cute options that I now have an entire collection (not kidding!).  This is my favorite place to shop them because each season I find one (or two or three) that I can't live without.  

I also think that spatulas deserve a place in the home cook hall of fame.  First of all, how pretty are they?  And second, there are just some jobs that cannot be handled by a spoon alone.  I've always collected mugs and this pattern has all the vibes of a picnic in Paris.  Lately, I've really been getting my bake on and after working on a sweet dessert, you've got to have a display worthy way to show it off.  This cake stand checks all the boxes.  And, if you're ever on the fence about which delish dish your family will love that night, this cookbook has you covered.  Is there really anything Joanna Gaines can't do well?  Love her!  

So, if you find that you want to take your culinary interests a little further during this downtime or if you just want to make your kitchen look really cute, these handpicked items are highly recommended.  I hope they bring you as much happiness as they are bringing me...and let me know what you decide to make for dinner!  Love you guys and hope all of you and your families are well.  Enjoy the weekend!