Hello Wednesday! How is everyone?  I'm hoping that you and your loved ones are safe and well.  These times can be trying and I'm sending love to you all.  I'm also sending comfy cozy vibes with these fun and happy pj picks.  Truth be told, I love pajamas all the time but that has become much more literal lately.  So, even though I think it is important to still get up, get dressed and keep a routine...that doesn't have to be the case everyday, haha.  One those days when you're feeling a bit more laid back, these pretty pjs are exactly what I recommend reaching for.  I am a fan of long bottoms but depending where you are living right now, I know that some of us will be wanting the short version too.  This pair is my top favorite.  How cute and casual are they?  Toss your hair into a high pony, grab your sneaks and sunnies and this could even double as a walking outfit.  Don't worry because no one can get close enough to notice!

I've linked all my picks down below.  So many online retailers are offering such great deals right now so you may want to scoop these (or something else) up while the prices are right!  Have fun and stay safe friends...I'll see you for a Friday get together!