If you're reading this post the likelihood is you love clothes just as much as I do.  When this is the case, it seems only logical that you want your purchases to work for you.  I have mindset when it comes to whatever I buy and that is, I have to be able to style it three ways.  Whether we are talking a  sweater, skirt, jacket or perfect pair of shoes, it needs to pass the "Three Ways to Wear It" test.  Verrrrry few items find their way into my closet otherwise, haha.  The camel coat passes with flying colors or at least gorgeous neutrals.  It can do daytime casual with cognacs, creams and dark denim.  Later it can take you out at night with leopard and leather.  And finally, it can enjoy being off duty alongside baseball caps and sneakers.

I love all of these looks, each for different reasons.  What about you all?  Do you have a rule for building your wardrobe.  This one really works for me and keeps me from buy everything I find, ha!   I'd love to hear yours.  Thanks for stopping by!