Weekends are made for lounging so why not look cute. while feeling fantastic?  Don't you love it when you can do both?  Haha, so today's post is happily dedicated to loungewear looks that work hard and play soft.  Soft sweaters are one of my favorite ways to wrap up in cozy textures that comfort and create a low key look that is exactly what we all want on the weekend.  This pretty pastel option is perfect paired with jeans or these joggers.  As a major fan of all things animal print, it's no shocker that this piece is right up on my radar now.  I'm loving the softly muted hues and the way it works with black bottoms currently and will play well with white moving forward.  So smart!  Baseball caps are back in the lineup or me and I can't say enough about this soft suede one.  Toss one on on top of pony, pair it up with these leggings and a casual jacket and you're looking cute and feeling comfy.  

What does everyone have on the agenda this weekend?  I am going to be celebrating a friend's birthday, recipe testing in the kitchen and catching up on those book club favorites.  Hope you all have a great one!