Hello beauties!  How many times have you gone shopping for a specific beauty product only to leave feeling like everything is just way too expensive to build an effective regime?  Well, never fear because today's post is all about the best ways to save all while looking and feeling like you indulged in a total splurge.  Let me first say that there are certain skincare and makeup items that are one-hundred percent worth every single penny.  What they do for you and your skin is sometimes immeasurable and not to be overlooked.  These three items (here, here and here) are a few I would never be without.  Still so many other times, you can most definitely save tons of money while still providing your skin with just as many beautiful benefits (or sometimes even more!).  So, let's dive in and take a look at these top Save vs. Splurge items I'm loving right now.

This hair oil mist has done soooo much for my hair in relatively no time at all.  That says a lot coming from a girl who swore by this oil for nearly $100 a pop.  Since I've been using this one, my hair is super silky, easy to style and oh so shiny.  I also notice that while I've been using it, my hair seems to be growing like a weed!

Long lashes are a girl's best friend and so is a great primer.  I used to only swear by this one but once I came across L'oreal's version, I've never looked back.  It coats and conditions your lashes every time you use it, leading to healthy long lashes that never fall out or break.  

This lipstain is the one I've been using for probably a decade, haha.  And in all that time, it has never let me down.  From the time I put it on to the end of my work day, it stays put.  No peeling, no cracking and no dry, uncomfortable lips.  Just a glossy, colorful smile which is exactly how I like it.

Skincare is so very important from your teens until forever and not an area where you want to skimp. This line knows that and has created several products that are highly effective and beyond affordable. Once opened, they do have a quick shelf life but if you use them routinely, that is not a problem.  

The rest of the products shown here are available in the links below.  I know that if you love a well-performing product and enjoy saving money then you're going to wonder how you ever lived without these.  Happy savings!