Hello everyone!  How's everybody's week going?  I'm feeling extra happy this week and really for no reason at all, haha.  Sometimes that's the best kinda happy there is.  So, here we are at mid-week and for me that's the best time to take a moment and get all those errands we all face finished.  If that's your plan then you're likely going to want to dress the part with some relaxed but still cute looks.  Today's pieces get that done.  From graphic tees to versatile slip-ons these are the pieces I reach for when running around town.  This sweatshirt is one of my newest faves.  Did the blush and gold give that away? Haha.  It's perfect paired with denim shorts, a baseball cap and a classic tote.  A quick little swipe of luminous color is all I like to wear on these off-duty days and this compact gives me such an ethereal glow.  And that's it, your easy on the run look, done.

What are you guys up to this week?  Goal setting and getting, having fun along the way?  Ahh, life is sweet!  Hope you're all enjoying it...Have fun!