Calling all beauty addicts, today is for you!  In a world that's steeped in beauty products and skincare goodies, it's a rare breed that offers us the opportunity to be rewarded (richly!) for our loyalty.  Well, after first hearing about this little company over on one of my favorite podcasts and seeing fellow bloggers and friends highlight them on their sites and social media, my curiosity was building and interest piqued.  So, the beauty sleuth in me began doing some investigating and here's what I discovered...

Beauty Pie the genius work of Marcia Kilgore, founder of Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory and FitFlop.  
Essentially, it is a membership-based luxury skincare and makeup membership program through which you have the say of how much you want to spend each month.  The spending level you choose then allows you to pay the member's only pricing.  Without any middlemen, overhead costs or marketing expenditures, we get to reap all the beautiful benefits.  So, that $25 lipstick? It's now only $5, affording you a twenty dollar savings.    If you don't spend as much as you thought you would any given month, the unused funds just roll over to the next.  And, if you fall in love and want more (like me!), spending limit upgrades are available for us enthusiasts as they say, haha.  

Honestly, I haven't seen many opportnities quite like this one and I have to say I'm super excited to explore the things they have to offer! Details about the program and how it works can be found here.  But basically, memberships range from ten to thirty dollars a month with the option for an annual $99 per year plan.  For me, the membership plan that I'm choosing is the $20 per month as I feel this gives me the opportunity to shop around , explore the goods and see what I like and love.  The products you see featured here today are some of the ones I'm currently coveting.  

This eyeshadow palette is soooo gorgeous and would complement so many skin tones and eye colors with its neutral base.  I also love the glossy pink shade of this high moisture but not sticky gloss.  A swipe of this multi glow highlighting stick will leave you dewy and beautiful.  Love it.  And there are some said to be incredible beauty products too.  I really want to try out this super retinol serum.  The benefits of an effective retinol are unparalleled and this one gets rave reviews.  Following it up with this face oil is going to be the nutrious drink of moisture our end of summer skin craves. 

You can try them all for yourself on the Beauty Pie site.  I think you're going to love it!  Please let me know which products you plan to try.  Have a great weekend everybody...thanks for stopping by!