Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your week is off to a fantastic start towards whatever your goals to meet may be.  One way to be sure you check off everything on your to-do list before checking out is to face the day with comfy feet.  That is why I'm so excited by this shoe.  The lace up flat is showing up everywhere right now and with good, no make that great, reason.  With the looks of a haute favorite yet the comfort and versatility of your Supergas, this shoe is everything right now.  I bought my first pair last spring and my only regret was I didn't scoop it up in more colors as it sold out almost instantly.  Now with spring on the cusp, it's showing up in more colors and prints than ever right now.  I've already gone ahead and added this pair and this one to my closet.  I love how they look great with your boyfriend jeans and cropped faux fur and can just as easily play dress up with your favorite LBD of the m,omen.  Have fun laying around with this little lace up and see all they styles you fall in love with!


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