Well hello, weekend!  It's Friday and that means all things wonderful, including denim on repeat.  This is always a fun thing but what has me racing to my closet now is the return of the flare.  Figure flattering, seventies chic and get-it right glam, this silhouette loves every body and we in turn feel the same.  That said, there are so many ways to wear them that we could add an eighth day to the week and never bat an eye.  I think my favorite look for spring is the sailor pant version aka long and slimming, high-waisted and adorned with  military-inspired buttons up the sides.  Pairing it with a relaxed chiffon blouse {playfully tucked in to show off the button detailing}, a pretty pair of sandals and the perfect pop of color handbag to punctuate the entire look.  Perfect!  Cropped flares, a shrunken bomber jacket, sexy clutch and pair of kitten heel slings backs say Girl Boss off-duty but never out of mode.  Aaaaah, is it spring yet?  For now, I'm reaching for a black pair, mohair sweater, blazer and knit beanie.  Weekend love, here I come!  Enjoy yours and thanks for reading!  xx


Photo credits:  vivaluxuryblog.com bloglovin.com