Beauty girls worldwide know exactly what I mean when I talk about the rush an incredible new beauty product can give you.  From dream creams to techno gadgets, these youth inducers are proving themselves worthy of the buzz and only getting better.  While my thoughts and findings on today's array of available products are plenty,  for this post I'm going to give the spotlight to beauty oils.  Do you remember the time when the word 'oil' was totally taboo not to mention something that should, under no circumstances ever, be placed anywhere near your face?  Times have changed and most definitely for the better.  Today when I hear the word oil it is almost always to tout a wonderful way to hydrate, nourish and ultimately age-proof your face (and hair).  I first fell in love with the promise of this version of the fountain of youth when I found Josie Maran's miracle in a bottle aka argan oil.  Since then, I've come to discover and love the myriad of other options, each designed with its own skin cocktail prescribed specifically for the way your skin and complexion are currently behaving.  Shiseido has a lovely albeit luxe version of skin replenishing oil in their cult favorite Future Solutions line.  I received a sample of it recently and loved the soft, cushioning effect it had on my skin and the hydrating lustre it gave to my hair.  Sunday Riley also has a lovely set of face oils.  Juno, their hydroactive cellular version is anti-aging in a bottle designed with doses of natural retinol, vitamin C, UV shields and natural anti-inflammatories to make skin glow while strengthening its resiliency.  At night, reach for the Luna sleeping night oil to restore moisture and reduce redness caused by daily life.  With the addition of prettifiers like cleansing oils (love this one) and primer oils, my skin will falsely presume that I've taken a permanent tropical vacay with winter nowhere in sight.  I can't find a single thing wrong with that!  Have a beautiful Wednesday!