The weekend has rolled in and it's time for some casual wear and sporty styles that are perfect for off-duty days.  Denim and knitwear always fit the bill and this look really captures a very simple yet stylish way to wear them.

Sleeveless knitwear was quite big last spring and I feel like it's here to stay again this season.  The sleeveless sweater in particular really has such great wearability as you can easily style it in a number of ways. For this look, I've decide to pair it with some light denim balloon jeans.  Balloon jeans are a style I've come to love and I enjoy wearing them in a variety of nice colors. Well, at least to me they are colors. To most they are just neutrals, haha.

If the weather where you are is still a bit chilly, this trench coat would be the perfect fit for adding some warmth while traveling about.  I absolutely love the color as it is a bit of a departure from the typical camel version.  These sandals are the type you either love or hate.  I personally think they are quite fun and make a bold statement while adding interest to the entire look.  Black sunglasses and a pair of gold earrings finish off the look and tie everything together for well-styled look.

I hope things warm up enough to wear weekend looks like this soon.  If you feel the same and have fallen in love with any of the pieces I've mentioned here today, I've linked them in the thumbnails below.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...see you next time!