Hello and happy midweek! Today I have some low-key style inspiration to share with you all in the form of a classic pattern, the stripe.  Now, as many of you know, I am not a big fan of patterns but a striped t-shirt is such a timeless piece that can easily fit into any wardrobe and any style of dressing.

Depending upon your personal preference and taste, you can choose any silhouette in the shape that is most flattering on you and best suited for your body shape.  This one is a nice classic take on the basic tee and I think the length of the body and sleeves are both rather easy to wear.  Meaning, you can either tuck it in with a roomy pair of high-waisted denim or wear it out and over some shorts or ankle length jeans.  Personally,  I'm really favoring the first choice but it is always so nice to have options.

White or light colored denim would definitely be my pick for styling stripes this time of year.  You may want to, however, pair it with some black pieces of interest to really help tie the look together.  This trench is a bit of a different take on the classic tan color which I always talk at length about.  So, if you're looking for something classic that has just a bit of a different feel, I recommend trying it out.  You might just fall in love.

Some finishing touches on this look would be a few nice, neutral pieces.  I always reach for this Chloe bag in this lovely shade of putty.  Several options for footwear will keep your options open so that you can take the look anywhere you may be heading.  Trainers, mules and even a pair of hightops would all work perfectly for spring and on into summer.   

Thanks so much for sharing a few minutes here with me today.  As always, I hope you find something to love.  See you all next time as we're heading into the weekend.