Friday's in town and we're borrowing some style from the boys to celebrate the ocassion.  Straight-leg denim, cozy hoodies and oversized topcoats lead the way to laid-back style.  Here are the pieces I'm picking out to help welcome the weekend...


It's still winter and even though I'm growing tired of wearing a parka or puffer, I still want to be warm.  Enter the topcoat.  This piece, borrowed from closet, is perfect for topping off any outfit right now.  This one comes in both black and camel.  Choosing your color is probably the hardest thing about it, haha. Either one will work with pretty much everything you own so go with your heart's desire! I love it on off duty days and with more feminine, dressed-up pieces alike.


Who doesn't love a soft, snuggly hoodie?  They really because a major part of the go-to uniform for so many of us over the past year and I honestly don't see them going anywhere as we head into spring.  Currently, you can wear it with your denim to style an easy casual look like this.  Then later on and as spring approaches, keep them nearby to toss one on over a tank and with your yoga pants or leggings as you head back outdoors and want to be more active.  I really loving this one featured above and this one from Zuda as well.


Denim has forever been a constant in my closet for as far back as I can remember.  While it shared the spotlight (a lot) with softer, more relaxed bottoms recently, jeans are still something I will always love.  And with more flattering, easy to wear and affordable options than ever, I am still going to be shopping denim.  H&M has really come into the fold when it comes to this staple piece and I couldn't be happier about that.  From on trend silhouttes to sustainable options the choices are almost endless.  This pair currently has my eye.


You all know by now....I love my sneakers!  From Converse to Vans and everyyyything in between I am totally smitten, haha.  I received this pair for Christmas and love them.  Now, I am thinking about picking up another slightly different style by Veja for spring.  They are so cute, highly versatile and look fantastic with just about every easy outfit you can dream up.  I can't say enough about how great they are...I highly recommend them!


Girls love bags.  This seems to be the case with everyone I talk to and being a bag lover myself, I can completely understand that!  Whether it's a tiny tote, easy crossbody or extra large catch-all, we all have a style that works for us.  With that, it makes sense to want to invest a little more in a bag that is going to be by your side, working overtime daily.  This gorgeous neutral one from Loewe would be the perfect neutral to work with so much of what you may already own.  Their craftsmanship is impeccable and it really is worth the splurge if you are looking to treat yourself to something special.  


Accessories are one of my favorite things.  Yes, I know I have many but they really are those last little touches that add your personality to a look.  For me that means a chic hat (love this one), pretty makeup colors that polish instead of pretend and sunglasses.  You all know my go-tos by now but I must take a moment to recognize this pair of sunnies by Chloe.  They.Are.Gorgeous.  And I fell in love the minute I saw them.  Again, they are a bit of a splurge but if your sweetie is asking you if you want something new they are a great suggestion ;)

So there you have it, my top picks for easy weekend living.  I hope you are all set to celebrate a sweet Valentine's Day with you and yours.  Whether it be big or small (the little things are often truly the best) please find some way to celebrate and treat yourself this weekend.  Believe me, you deserve it!