If you know me, then you also know how much I love my luxe lines of makeup and splurgeworthy skincare.  What you may not know though is how much I also adore some of the incredible finds that are quietly sitting on the shelf at my local drugstore.  These are the items my wallet and I both love and cannot be without...

Skin treats are big on my list and something my face loves me for, haha.  Exfoliation and hydration are two of the  things it craves most.  This Glow Tonic by Pixi is soooo effective at loosening the dead skin cells that like to hang on in winter and leaves my face baby soft and smooth without making it at all red or irritated. If you need a little bit more sloughing and smoothing, I recommend this one.  I first discovered The Ordinary a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.  Their products and ingredients are so nicely formulated and give me high end results at affordable drugstore prices.

As for hydration, I need a good mask in my life that will push in and plump up the moisture all winter long.  This one does that with such little effort and leaves behind pillowy, cushioned skincare afterwards.  I later like to lock the results in with a super hydrator.  This jar from Neutrogena is filled with hyaluronic acid which is perfect for that.

Some of my most favorite makeup products are tried and true affordable classics.  After trying everything out there, this little black liner is one I can never be without.  No smudges, no smears and zero irritation if you like to tightline.  This mascara makes for the prettiest accompaniment to that.  Soft, feathery lashes with no clumping and length for miles.

This lip color duo is what I turn to for a perfect pout.  One gives color that lasts all day and the other keeps my lips so soft and hydrated all winter long.

I also love keeping my hair hydrated and this weightless hydrating coconut oil mist is amazing for that.  One light spritz is all you need for healthy shine.  Coconut oil is so good on so many levels but that would be an entire other post!

What about you? Which drugstore favorites do you love the most?