I always say, "It's the little things" and when it comes to the everyday essentials, they couldn't be more true.  From your beauty rituals to the soft and comfortable things you put against your skin, these little luxuries become bigs ways to enjoy life on the daily.

Beauty routines are huge for me and whenever I find I product I love, I look forward to enjoying it every chance I get.  This bottle of golden sunshine wins that prize right now.  Just a few drops on the ends each night make my hair soft, supple and shiny.  It's also great on wash days as just a few drops give extra moisture when you apply it to damp hair.

The new WFH normal has so many of us reaching for our cozies nearly all the time now and these camis are always in the rotation for me.  They are super comfortable, easy and forgiving and the best thing to layer under everything from sweaters (love this cashmere one) and cardis to sweatshirts and tops.

Speaking of the online work-at-home situation, with it we all could use a pair of these blue blockers to keep our eyes fresh and feeling good.  That and they look cute too!

Daily rituals have become the comforting norm and I can't think of anything better than a delicious way to treat your entire body to silk hydration than with this duo.  This exfoliator and body wash are soooo luxurious and delightful.  They truly make you look forward to sudsing up each day.  

Since the senses are the pathway to everything we are feeling, I love nothing more than the daily treat of a delicious smelling candle.  I have so many favorites as you guys well know, haha but this one is especially nice for a winter's day or night.

Ahhh, it is the little things, isn't it?  Well, if you enjoy them half as much as I do, I've everything here in the thumbnails below.  Hope you love them...have a wonderful Wednesday!