I was going through my closet the other day can to one resounding conclusion.  I've never met a neutral I didn't love.  From creams and ivories to cognacs and cocoas, it seems I can never have too many of the caramel, tan or cinnamon variety. 

Lucky for me, fall is all about such spiced neutrals along with their cozy counterparts aka sage, loden and smoke.  I don't quite know what it is but each of these colors stirs up notions of enjoying a cozy fireside and sipping a cup of cocoa and cream in me.

This sweater dress could be the perfect centerpiece of all things fall.  First of all the color is exactly right for pairing with warm autumn hues or seasonal plaids.  Tall or short boots would be equally wonderful depending upon your climate and how much skin can you comfortably bare.

This sweater is another favorite of mine.  The color, the feel and of course the shoulder detail make me a happy girl.  It's perfect for layering and works with jeans, a midi skirt or plaid trousers.  Love it all ways.

Warm and cozy accessories round things out so well.  How cute is this hat?  I know I usually favor the newsboy cap or a cute beanie but this one adds a new bit of interest to the look.  This scarf is one of my classic go-tos and has been a longtime favorite of mine.  I'm also strongly considering this bag.  I think it's absolutely gorgeous and can't imagine too many style scenarios it wouldn't be well-suited for.  Don't you agree? Haha.

These flats have become a fall favorite for me lately and all my sweaters and jeans agree.  Rose-gold and tortoise shell are romantic options that always complement the classics.  Maybe that's why I love them so.  Style that is simple yet stunning and chic will always have my heart.

Have a great day enjoying all things autumn everyone!