With masks being the new accessories we all find ourselves sporting, the eyes have become the focal point of our face now more than ever.  Playful personalities and loving hearts aside, when we are out and about at the moment, our eyes are the connecting point between us and everyone we meet.  With that, a lot of us may be wanting to turn up the volume on our lash game.  I find that whenever I want my eyes to do the talking it begins with a mascara that really works for me.  After many trials and a few errors, I have finally come up with the top five performers and the reasons why I love them.  So, if you are in the market for a mini miracle in a tube, you might want to give one of these a try.

BAD GIRL BANG:  If you're looking for a feathery fringe builder, this one will not disappoint.  The formula is silky yet buildable and the rubber brush knows no clumps.  My lashes grow long and lush with perfect separation for the classic doe eyed look.

L'OREAL VOLUMINOUS:  I bought this one in a pinch one time when I had run out of my usual brand and was soooo happy I did!  Given that I can be pretty picky (okay extremely particular, haha!)  about which mascaras work for me, I was not expecting to find something this good for less than $10.  But, I definitely did!  It is rich in color, easy to apply and the formula really is clump free.  All told this is a great beauty on a budget buy.

IT COSMETICS TIGHTLINE:  Again, when I first saw this little diddy I was skeptical to say the least.  I was, after all, a big brush believer and thought that brush size matters.  Needless to say, my mind was blown by the length and depth I could create with this little powerhouse.  Much like all of the products in this line, it is packed with lash loving ingredients that will nourish and protect your lashes while allowing them to grow long and strong.  And even though it is sold as a lash primer, on days when you just want to keep it low-key, I find it is all I need.

THRIVE CAUSEMETICS LIQUID LASH EXTENSIONS:  I fell in love with this one about a year ago.  After seeing so many fellow bloggers tell about it in their stories, I finally decided to give it a try.  For under $25 I came away with long, lovely, smudge free lashes and a new clean beauty favorite.  

LANCOME OSCILLATION:  I've saved the BEST for last and this is my hands down favorite.  That's saying a lot considering the competition you see here.  But, it is still the number one mascara I reach for when I want a flawless flutter.  Unlike any other that I have ever tried, this one gives a nod to the many amazing beauty tools out there today in the way it oscillates.  The gentle vibration takes away the need to wiggle and pull and allows me to quickly create the perfect lash.  The color and consistency are both completely luxurious and within sixty seconds I have built the perfect lash.  Amazing!

What are your favorite fringe builders?  I'd love to hear your recos too!  Have a beautiful Wednesday ladies!