Whenever a friend tells me she can't wear a particular style or silhouette it always leaves me feeling a little sad because I'm totally certain that she is wrong.  As women, we often feel like certain styles just aren't for our bodies because we've spent so much time picking ourselves apart.  Today I want to bust that myth and prove to you all that you can pretty much wear anything you want as the magic lives in how you style it.

The skinny jean has sometimes gotten a bad rap because of the way they can hug your curves in all the places that can cause a girl to feel self-conscious or at the very least, a little anxious.  We've all been there, am I right?  Haha, well let's take a look at three ways to wear it with one for for every body.

Cardigans are a girl's best friend for so many reasons with the way they play with skinny jeans being only one.  This ribbed open front cardi is one of my favorites styles.  I love that it comes with the added surprise of this fresh for fall color, making it perfect to pair with some much loved new neutrals.  You all know how hard I've fallen for these animal print mules and this hat is the perfect piece to add a little sass to the whole look.  Stay super comfy with this cami layered beneath and round things out with a cute convertible crossbody bag that pulls the entire look together head to toe.  

Another option for when you want to feel like your wearing yoga pants but look a little more put together is to grab a blazer and give a nod to the boys.  This menswear-inspired piece has been a tried and true favorite forever.  I particularly like the plaid pattern of this one as I think it makes it super fun and easily sporty.  A newsboy cap (which is quite possible my favorite style hat of all time!), mesh banded watch, these darling little sneakers and some cool shades (these are a splurge but sooo worth it!) will have you looking like London all while killing the skinny jean vibe.  

Not to be left out, the off-the-shoulder sweater once again comes to the rescue as it is the perfect way to top off these jeans in this most unexpected color.  When I first saw them I honestly thought, "What would I do with this shade?" but I've since fallen in love.  That's mostly because the mix of neutrals you are seeing here, featuring greens, cognacs and ivories, is always so on point come fall.  This bag would be beautiful worn with this outfit as well as with just about everything else your fall closet has happening inside.  These ankle boots are a favorite pair from the Nsale and again the possibilities for how to wear them is endless.  

Anyone else feeling a whole lot of inspo as to how to wear these jeans that were once for "tall and skinny" girls only?  Haha, I hope you all are because there are two things worth knowing...If you know how to pair it, you can wear just about anything and that is a wonderful thing.  And, every body is beautiful and as a women should never feel any other way.

Wishing you all a beautiful Monday, thanks for reading!