A summer well-spent means you've danced in the sand, splashed in the waves and probably soaked up a little more of that gorgeous sunshine than your skin would have asked you to.  Not worry if that's the case because August is the month of skincare revival as we all get ready to shift gears into fall.  Whenever the weather turns from one steady beat to that of another, it's a crucial time to adjust the way we are treating our skin.  Post-summer skincare means a good sloughing off of what the season left behind and the revealing of a fresh, brighter, more supple complexion beneath.  You can honestly achieve this goal in six steps or less.  And, what's even better is that those six can often be paired down into fewer depending upon the skin you're in.  

For starters, we all need a great way to take off the day and for me I always reach for one of these two beauties.  A silky, smooth cleansing balm is so indulging when you want to release the impurities and pollution that the day has deposited on your face.  This one does double duty as it not only cleanses but also uses enzymes to soften and loosen up sticky dead skin cells that can cause your complexion to lose its glow.  If it is early in the day and I don't feel like a splash of water is quite enough, or you have oily, congestion-prone skin then this one from Tatcha is what you'll want to try.  The fruit enzymes in it mirror the effectiveness of what the papaya enzymes would do but they are delivered in an oil free gel that's perfect for younger skin.

Once you are working with a clean canvas, you'll want to help finish off what your gel or balm has started with a bit of smoothing polish.  The Method: Polish from Dr. Lancer is on repeat in my rotation.  Every two or three days (or whenever my skin is feeling "rough"), I dab this on and softly scrub my way smooth.  Celebs loveeee this line and I can definitely see (and feel!) why.  

Once you have revealed that baby's bottom quality, you'll want to lock in softness while adding the first layer of hydration.  Oh, hello toner.  This liquid gold from Fresh is so very replenishing yet super light.  My skin feels dewy for a moment and then evolves into soft, supple and completely plumped.  That youthful fullness is what you want to protect and promote.  Peptides and retinol are what will get that job done.  Peptides are essentially amino acids that help with collagen production and do so in a much gentler way than their counterpart, retinol.  Peptides are often easier to incorporate into your routine than retinol because they can work with other products you're already enjoying.  I currently use and can't get enough of these pads from GloPro

 Retinol is a stronger alternative that is also aimed at improving collagen production, plumping skin, smoothing fine lines and improving skin tone.  Again, it is important to remember that retinol is a more aggressive choice.  With that in mind, I am using this formula.  Because it is delivered through an encapsulated formula, it works effectively on a cellular level while maintaining balance and hydration.  Unlike the little white tubes your derm once gave you that left your skin red, patchy and peeling, this liquid leaves my face smooth and glass and extremely comfortable. That's the best of both worlds.  Depending upon your skin type and its sensitivity level one or the other (peptides or retinol) will be what your skin craves.

Lastly, once you have treated your skin to the steps above all you really need then is a clean beauty way to lock it all in and stay hydrated.  Enter squalane oil.  This little bottle has done more for my skin than any moisturizer ever has.  A few drops at the end of my routine makes my skin absolutely glowy for hours and completely balanced all day long.  With all the actives available throughout the rest of this routine, a heavy laden moisturizer is not necessary.  Sometimes less is more...and that's so often a good thing.

I hope this helps show and tell how simple a great skincare regime can be.  Believe me, your face will thank you!  Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend.  Enjoy it friends!