So I was recently browsing around over on ShopBop and found the cutest pieces we are all going to want to wear this summer.  Can you imagine? Haha!  They labeled them as top five staples we all need for summer and after taking a peek I really felt they were on to something.  So, I knew I had to share this streamline situation with you all.  French women are known for their ability to effortlessly craft a killer wardrobe using a minimal number of pieces.  That is definitely something to aspire to.  For now, I'm excited to be able to say that the following five pieces are what will take me through the summer without ever having to say, "What do I wear?"  And that my friends is worth its weight in gold! 

So, in short the  top five are simply a wrap waist top (or a variety of them and the dress version counts too!), a pair (or six) of sun bleached cutoffs, a strappy sandal, the summer sweater and of course, a signature tee.  That's it!  Now of course you can have any number of each of these as I suggested but basically, these pieces will keep you going all summer long.  I just love when dressing cute and looking fabulous are this easy, don't you?  I've linked all the pieces you see here in the thumbnails below.  If you like the idea of any one of them, be sure to search around on the ShopBop site a little more and I promise there's more to love.  

Hope you guys are enjoying the first day of June!   Summer is here and that makes me so happy!  Have a great day everyone, I'm off to grab a sweet glass of pink lemonade in honor of the occasion!!