I know all of you with channels are really good at this but for the rest of us girls now going virtual every....single....day.....we need a quick and capable arsenal to get us all camera ready quickly.  Whether you're zooming with the boss or calling a quick meeting with your marketing team, despite everything being super relaxed you still want and need to look professional.  I've found that Bobbi Brown comes to the rescue beautifully.  The colors, textures and finishes that these products give my skin are always perfect and so simple to use.  Bobbi is all about enhancing your natural beauty and that's exactly what these products do for you.  I love her pot rouge for its color and blendability plus the fact that it can double as a quick lip color too.  This art stick also works so well to enhance your natural lip shape and gives your face that wide awake look you love (even if you're not feeling it, haha).  I love this BB cream for so many reasons and the fact that it doubles as an SPF.  But, of all her products I think her shadows are my most favorite of all.  If you haven't tried them yet, don't wait much longer because you'll thank yourself endlessly once you do!  Last, this inky mascara darkens, lengthens and enhances your lashes to completely finish off your look leaving you one-hundred percent camera ready!

What tips or tricks do you guys have for looking your best online?  Please do share!  Have a great day everyone...the weekend is almost here!