Hello friends!  Hope you all are doing well and continuing to stay safe and comfy inside your homes.  I know it's not always an easy task but I'm here with more fun ways that will help us welcome spring inside, where we all currently are.  I always find it so uplifting to refresh my home with the look and elements of the new season.  Now that it is spring, for me that means lighter colors, new fabrics and  great new ways to store and organize any items I don't need to always have out on display.  Most importantly though, I want all the pretty ways to surround myself with the sights and symbols of the season.

Of course, fresh flowers are my very favorite way to achieve the feel of the outdoors.  But, unless you have a garden nearby, this may not be an option.  One way to still add some spring greenery to your home is with a sweet succulent plant.  Happily, I picked mine up before the quarantine and have been enjoying it ever since.  Another option is with framed photos.  Break out those old magazines or simply print some photos off of your favorite Pinterest board and house them in any of the frames you already have around the house.  I do it every season and love the little bit of happy they bring every time I see them.  

Pretty ways to organize your belongings have always been another favorite of mine.  Cute baskets,  woven tubs and even gorgeous planting boxes like this one are all beautiful ways to keep things within reach all while feeling like your living inside an issue of  House Beautiful.  Fresh, clean and organized.  Really, could anything be better right now? I'm also loving these braided rattan table mats.  They make for the chicest backdrop to all the spring meals I've been enjoying cooking from the cookbooks of my favorite chefs.  Can't wait to delve into this one next!

Home spaces are more occupied and well-used than ever right now so any way in which I can organize mine and have it bring me a sense of comfort and happiness is more than fine with me.  How about you all?  What are some fun ways you've been finding to have your home better serve you?  I'd love to hear them!

Wishing you all a happy Monday...Thanks for spending some of it here with me!