Now that we all seem to have gotten into the work at home groove, we pretty much know what our home office needs to function and be fashionable.  Starting with the basics and building far beyond has helped me get organized, stay motivated and really become productive in what is our new reality. This chair is first off, gorgeous, and can easily work with so many color schemes and decor styles.  I love its modern lines, sleek feel and gold hardware.  It works perfectly with my pinks and would be equally striking against grays, blacks, whites or any neutrals in your home.  A beautiful workstation keeps me organized and is something I look forward to each day.  Little touches like this comforting candle make a big difference in how my day goes.  Calming fragrances always put me in a positive frame of mind which is perfect for getting things done.  Spending so much time in front of the screen can leave our eyes so tired.  A pretty pair of blue blocking glasses is a game changer.  I definitely recommend these.  A comfy pair of professional shoes make my feet happy while I'm feeling productive and this rose-gold accented clock makes sure I'm time for all those virtual meetings we all have going on right now.

How are you guys staying on track while working from home.  I'd love to hear your tips and tricks too!  Have a relaxing weekend everybody.  We deserve it!