Spending all of this time at home has had some happy perks to it.  One of them has been having enough time to actually organize myself and all of my stuff, haha.  This week, I went through all of my beauty stash.  I actually found some great goodies that I  had forgotten all about!  Once everything was sorted and set up, I needed some pretty, chic ways to store it all.  Glass jars, acrylic organizers and feminine-detailed pieces are my favorite ways to do it.  Clean and clear storage pieces let me keep everything beautiful and tidy and I
 never have to ask. "Hey, what's in there?" These jars are so beautiful in the bathroom and are perfect for housing bath bombs, cotton balls and Q-tips.  I also love these see through drawers.  They're perfect for stashing small palettes, nail polish bottles, skin care and odd shaped jars and bottles.  This handy little rack is also perfect for holding all your hairstyling must-haves.  Life just seems so much less overwhelming when you have a place or everything and everything in its place.  

How have you guys been spending your free time this week?  I'd love to hear all about it...we can swap ideas!  Hope everyone is doing okay and keeping sane.  See you guys on Friday!